Dr. Evija Rodke goes on experience exchange to a private practice in Tallinn

Our doctor met really inspiring colleagues from Estonia and Finland

Lower eyelid correction options

Watch the video and find out how and in what cases plastic surgery can help to get rid of the

Abdominoplasty: preparation and postoperative period

What to consider when planning a TUMMY TUCK surgery?

Intimate plastic surgery: labiaplasty

Watch the video where our resident - Dr. Ieva Rancāne - tells about labiaplasty: in what cases can we help these women, what happens in the surgery and the post-operative period

Who's behind our social media pages?

Our public relations specialist Ieva will tell you about that!

I wish to have a surgery, but I live abroad

How do we plan surgeries for our foreign patients? Read to find out!

Dr. Evija Rodke tells about BLEPHAROPLASTY

Watch the video and find out more about this very popular surgery and view the BEFORE and AFTER photos!

Blepharoplasty post operative period

What should be considered specifically after eyelid correction? Our wonderful nurse Solvita Rubene will be happy to tell you about it

Buccal fat removal

Why do we perform buccal fat removal strongly by indications not as a fashion trend?

Vacuum drainage

What is vacuum drainage and when do we use it?

Video: Dr. Evija Rodke tells about the most important in breast correction surgeries

Find out what happens is breast correction consultation visit!

What to expect when visiting us for the first time?

Post-surgery period - what it's like?

Check out the video and find out what happens after the surgery: how often will you visit our clinic, what will happen at those times, and a lot of other interesting and useful information

In the range of Germany-made Polytech breast implants, everyone has the opportunity to find the most

Watch the video and learn more about the possibilities offered by the manufacturer!

Volume of breast implants explained


When the tummy stays the same years after childbirth.

TUBULAR or “tube-like” breasts – what is it?

Tubular breasts – what they are, why they are so? And can they be changed?

INTIMATE PLASTIC SURGERY – quick, simple and safe

There are operations to be done quickly, conveniently, qualitatively WITHOUT serious preparation!

How to prepare for abdominal plastic surgery – IMPORTANT things to be taken into account!

What are the most important things if you have decided in favor of the surgery?

Beauty injections for the forehead – GUIDE to understand what to choose?

Guidebook - What beauty injections will work to solve specific problems! This time about the forehead zone!

You need to want to work with yourself!

As a plastic surgeon I can say that 80% of our appearance is determined my heritance, our gene foundation with which we have born...

Otoplasty or Ear Correction Surgery - BEFORE and AFTER pictures

Look at the result!

Breast augmentation - BEFORE and AFTER pictures

Look at these beautiful results!

Breast REDUCTION surgery, which allows start LIVING – an empirical story

We offer you an empirical story!

PREPARATION for surgery – frequently asked questions!

What is the time till the surgery like? What should be taken into account, what kind of tests and examinations should be done?

BOTULIN toxin injections for face – NO to wrinkles quickly, safely, and effectively!

Botulin toxin injections – what are they?

Hyaluronic acid injections for one`s face – a way to get NATURALLY glowing look QUICKLY.

What is hyaluronic acid? What does it give to our skin? Where does it go with years passing by?

6 reasons why it is the right moment for LIP injections right NOW!

This time we have summarized 6 of the most important arguments which reasons the fact that it is really worth trying the lip injections!

Breast LIFTING surgery – would that be suitable for ME?

What is a breast lifting surgery? In which cases is it worth think it over and choose it?

Enhanced sweating – a problem that CAN be solved

What are the botulin injections, to whom are they suggested, how does the procedure happen, and what to take into consideration after that?

Eye lid correction surgeries – BEFORE and AFTER

We offer you visual results of some surgeries that have been executed, as well as the patients` thoughts on the result.

In the Name of Beauty

Latvian plastic surgeons Kaspars Feldmanis and Evija Rodke recently became partners in a new, modern plastic surgery clinic.


With each surgery, medical intervention – there are certain risks. Even an injection can pose a risk. However, if the operation is…

Plastic surgery doctor Evija Rodke

Plastic surgery doctor Evija Rodke

Part of interview for

Part of interview for

Questions and Answers about breast…

Questions and Answers about breast surgery.