Plastic surgery

The word “plastic” derives from the Greek plastikos meaning to mold or to shape. Plastic surgery moulds or transforms human body. Plastic surgeons who perform operations have a lot in common with artists. As artists who work with human shapes have to study and be experts in anatomy, they transfer their ideas on paper, canvas, clay or marble creating art which is closely combined with science. Likewise plastic surgery combines professionalism with good taste, feel of beauty as well as precision.

Aesthetic plastic surgery includes two main fields: cosmetic and reconstructive surgery

  • First – improves facial and body parts the shape and size of which are not acceptable, for example, protruding ears, deformed or humped, small or large breast, big birthmarks or warts.
  • Second – reducing the effects of aging, for example removal of defects caused by child birth or breast feeding, etc
    I am for if plastic surgery

I support if plastic surgery:

  • helps to improve the well being of the fair sex making them happier and more confident as it is the body and choice of the woman;
  • helps any person to feel free, become more confident, harmonious, improve their body image, understand sexuality, get rid of inferiority complexes;
  • helps people who due to many reasons feel older than they actually are;
  • helps to remove inborn defects.