Important information


With each surgery, medical intervention – there are certain risks. Even an injection can pose a risk. However, if the operation is planned, individually prepared, the risks are reduced to minimum. Driving a car is riskier as the possibility of getting into an accident is higher than of having post operational complications.

It is very important for the patient to trust a certified plastic surgeon who works with safe products and has officially registered his/ her responsibility.

The desired and possible result is always discussed in detail. We spend a lot of time on consultations, individual preparation for surgeries as well as postoperational care. Surgery is just part of successful result. Plastic surgeon does not perform operation on anybody who wishes. Patient’s motivation to do surgery is very important, as well as attitude to the process and cooperation with the doctor.

We have the following tactics before the operation. When the patient is fully informed and has decided to have the operation, the time for it is planned. It is set taking into account the free time necessary for postoperational period (a sick list can be written for the period up to 10 days), period dates for women (if possible operation should not be performed during it). Then the necessary tests necessary for general anaesthetic are set – usually a complete blood count, a urine test (valid for 2 weeks), blood type, Rh factor (official document or stamp is valid for all life), a note from the gynaecologist, lung examination (both valid for a year). In individual cases other test may be necessary. Tests can be performed in the clinic or any other place; at the family GP or health centre.

During the consultation, a patient receives an anaesthesia questionnaire and agreement form to be filled at home as well as a sample of contract to look through. Approach to each patient is very individual and careful. Thus the most appropriate medicine and type of anaesthesia can be chosen.